In this time of unprecedented change, it's not enough to develop leadership skills and core competencies.

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Success comes to those with the mettle to develop their capacities to see, think and act in new ways. I guide people and organizations through processes that shed light on the forces behind the resistance-to-change we all experience. By understanding the sources of habituated patterns in both team members and groups, we can begin the process of changing our mindsets and behaviors to become more adaptive and resilient.

Results my clients report include:

  • Increased feelings of freedom and confidence

  • Better working relationships

  • Job promotions

  • More effective collaboration, with clearer communications and goals

  • More creative problem solving

  • Increased energy and enthusiasm for work

  • Improved ways of dealing with conflict

The core of my practice centers on the Immunity to Change® methodology developed by Harvard researchers Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, which guides team members through a process of unshackling their thinking so they can rise to a whole new level of leadership. As an Integral Facilitator®, I draw on the fields of developmental psychology and Zen awareness in an integrated approach. My fluid style also incorporates several other developmental coaching methods.

My approach has generated results for staff, teams and organizations to strengthen their positions to succeed.

“I’ve been developing healthcare leaders for a long time. I now use the Immunity to Change™ coaching method for all my individual and group programs. It has been exceptionally effective in helping our medical staff make progress on their professional goals.”

-M.D. and Medical Director, Premier National Healthcare Organization

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